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Dial-Up Accelerator

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Improves your dial-up Internet experience with Dial-Up Accelerator service by making web surfing up to 3 times faster. It’s easy to install and use, and there is no additional equipment required.
  • Makes web surfing and HTML format e-mail up to 19 times faster (Outlook, Outlook Express and WebMail).
  • Pop-up Blocker - blocks annoying pop-up advertisements while surfing.
  • No extra equipment required.
  • Appears in your Internet Explorer toolbar for easy access.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics - makes it easy to trouble-shoot problems.


This service is offered only with the Unlimited Dial-Up Internet service and is part of the service for only $22.95 per month.

Dial-Up Accelerator speeds-up your Internet service by:

  • Compressing data sent over your dial-up connection before it ever reaches your computer—making it appear faster on your screen. It compresses the following elements:
    • Web pages: HTML markup and JavaScript
    • Graphics: Including JPEG and GIF images
    • Text, e-mail: Incoming and POP HTML format (including file attachments)
  • Launching automatically each time you start Windows (and operating in the background to speed up your Dial-Up Internet service).

Also, our network servers store elements of frequently visited web sites, so they load faster on future visits.


The following online data cannot be accelerated:

  • Streaming media, audio and video files.
  • Secure pages such as those used for online banking and credit card forms.

More details

Get all the details of this service, including technical support, at the "Dial-Up Accelerator" section of our residential web site. 


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