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Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling service lets you organise meetings, consult suppliers or simply talk to family and friends. Have a conversation with two other people in different locations, anywhere in Canada. Three people can participate, or if you prefer, one of them can be put on hold while you talk to the other privately. Three-way calls are subject to long-distance charges when applicable.

To talk simultaneously with two people, you must have a subscription to Three-Way Calling service or use the pay-per-use service.

Using Three-Way Calling
  1. Call the first person. Ask this person to stay on line. Press to Link or Flash key or the receiver button. Wait for three short beeps followed by a normal dial tone. For pay-per-use service, enter *71 (or 1171 on a rotary dial phone).
  2. Enter the number of the second person you want to add to the call. If you have a Touch-Tone phone, use may use a Speed Calling code.
  3. When the third person answers, you can either press the Link or Flash key or the receiver button to establish a three-way conversation, or press on the Link or Flash keys or the receiver button to return to the first caller.
  4. If the third person is on the phone or does not answer, or if you dialled a wrong number, press twice on the Link or Flash keys or the receiver button to return to the first caller.

Tips and advice for Three-Way Calling
  • All parties except for the person initiating the call can hang up at any time without interrupting the call. If the initiating caller hangs up, the call is terminated.
  • Call Waiting service does not function if you establish a Three-Way Call. A caller will hear a busy signal or be forwarded to Call Answer if this service is available.
  • A three-way call cannot be established if more than one receiver on the primary line is being used.

Service available where technology allows.

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